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2022: A New Economy reliant on digital socialization, hybrid work and entertainment "from the palm of your hand"

The Marketplace Snippet
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The Marketplace Snippet
Happy Monday!
Hot off the press, our 27th edition of The Marketplace Snippet curated by Paola and Mathias on behalf of the Speedinvest Marketplaces & Consumer team 🚀
The Marketplace Snippet is a monthly newsletter featuring the most interesting content on Marketplaces that caught our eyes.
In this edition…
Consumers are turning all their attention and $$ to mobile as we head into a “mobile-first” economy. The inside story of Facebook Marketplace from the one and only Deb Liu who led the team that pitched, built, launched, and scaled it from an idea to what it is today.
More on the innovation of Web2 and the idea that the 3% rule applies to this moment, whereby “you only have to slightly innovate an existing project by 3% to create a new one… Does it really apply to the shift to Web3?! Can “ownership” really be considered an innovation and who is benefiting from it?
More on this, including some thought-provoking discussions in the selection of articles below.
If you’ve missed past newsletters or simply can’t get enough, catch up here.
Now, let’s jump in!

Insights: Marketplace Operators
The Micromobility Landscape 🗺️
The inside story of Facebook Marketplace
Web3: the internet’s 3% difference
An interesting thread 🧵 on first impressions on Web3 and a few notes
Insights: Marketplace Investors
eCommerce trends that shaped 2021
The State of Mobile 2022: How to succeed in a mobile-first world 📱🌍
Lenny Rachitsky on what most surprised him about angel investing so far after having invested in 140+ companies 🧵…
You don't own Web3... or do you? 🤔
News From our Portfolio
We welcome OZÉ to the Speedinvest family! 👏
Congratulations to GoStudent for closing a funding round at a €3bn valuation 💥
Our General Partner, Mathias Ockenfels, discusses the recent Planetly exit and what it means for the Climate Tech market (German only)
New $$$
NFTs, e-learning, social commerce, q-commerce and so much more…
Careers in Tech
Now hiring!
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