How marketplaces are outpacing tech & how to ace your fundraise



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The Marketplace Snippet
Issue #19 • View online
The Marketplace Snippet
Happy Monday everyone! The sun is shining and the Marketplace Snippet is back with a fresh serving of Marketplace insights and news! ☀️
Along with our usual marketplace insights, we dive into:
Our own Philip Specht hosted a panel last week on how to ace your pre-seed marketplace. Keep scrolling to get the insights and highlights below 👇

Insights: Marketplace Operators
How Airbnb became the world’s most valuable hospitality company
The inside story of Waze
How Product Hunt became the internet's go-to product discovery platform
Insights: Marketplace Investors
How to ace your *pre-seed* marketplace fundraise
How online marketplaces are outpacing the entire tech market
How to track your cost of acquisition (CAC)
News from our Porfolio
TIER e-scooters launch in London 🛴
What does it take to become a successful CSCO?
CoachHub launches CoachHub Wellbeing
New $$$
Masterclass, Vinted, StuDocu and more...
Careers in Tech
Now hiring!
We hope you enjoyed this issue, brought to you by Alexandra on behalf of the Speedinvest Network Effects team ✌️
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The Speedinvest Network Effects team invests in SaaS-enabled platforms and marketplaces and other Network Effects-driven businesses where the value of a product increases with every new user. Enabled by new technologies in areas we cannot even imagine today, the team believes these are the businesses that will continue to revolutionize the world.
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