Marketplaces and Network Effects: Predictions into 2022 and reflections on the year that has passed 🎇



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The Marketplace Snippet
Issue #26 • View online
The Marketplace Snippet
Happy Monday and Happy New Year ! 🎆
Hope you all had a GREAT break, managed to recharge and are now ready to kick off with an awesome, marketplace-y 2022 ! 
Welcome back to the 26th edition of The Marketplace Snippet curated by Paola and Mathias on behalf of the Speedinvest Marketplaces & Consumer team 🚀
The Marketplace Snippet is a monthly newsletter featuring the most interesting content on Marketplaces that caught our eyes.
In this edition…
The momentum in Marketplaces continues: We have seen a lot of content recently being published on Network Effects along with lots of questions and reflections. Faking users: good idea, bad idea? Winner-take-all-dynamics: Is that actually true? 
Meanwhile, with the power of NFTs being embraced by ever more people around the globe and the belief that NFTs can bring the cultural masses to Web3, more social platforms are expected to adopt NFTs as they shift to the metaverse. But how is Web3 changing incentives for Marketplaces? 
More on this in the selection of articles below.
If you’ve missed past newsletters or simply can’t get enough, catch up here.
Now, let’s jump in!
Our December edition includes:

Insights: Marketplace Operators
Are network effects overrated?
2021 has been a landmark year for NFTs and Sorare… What's next for 2022?
A Primer on DAOs
Insights: Marketplace Investors
Marketplaces Year in Review 2021
Kickstarting Network Effects
The next generation of speedy grocery: slower, but smarter?
News From our Portfolio
Planetly joins forces with US-based OneTrust, bringing Planetly's mission to support business transformation to a net-zero economy to new heights
Lapse's new $11M round - only 5 months after our initial investment ❕
We ❤️ B2B Marketplaces & Logistics:  Our portfolio company Yolda secures  $5m follow-on funding 👏
New $$$
E-learning, social commerce, Q-commerce and so much more…
Careers in Tech
Now hiring!
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