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Marketplaces: mistakes and learnings from marketplace operators and the next generation of marketplace giants

The Marketplace Snippet
Issue #30 • View online
The Marketplace Snippet
Happy Monday!
Hot off the presses, the 30th edition of The Marketplace Snippet curated by Paola and Mathias on behalf of the Speedinvest Marketplaces & Consumer team 🚀
The Marketplace Snippet is a monthly newsletter featuring the most interesting content on Marketplaces that caught our eye.
In this edition:
  • Ryan Breslow, Founder and CEO of Bolt, and the TOP 10 mistakes made at the company over the last eight years, and the learnings from each
  • How Tinder solved the “chicken and egg” problem and got its first early users by sponsoring a birthday party at USC
  • The B2B Marketplace Funding Napkin 2022
  • The Marketplace 100 2022: a16z’s list of the largest consumer-facing marketplace startups and trends behind the next generation of marketplace giants
  • The most ignored marketplace retention metric and how to figure out if you have a “layer cake” or a “leaky bucket”
More on this, including some thought-provoking discussions, in the selection of articles below.
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Now, let’s jump in!

Insights: Marketplace Operators
ALL companies are REALLY messy. And we all learn WAY more from sharing the mess than the success. Yet so few do.
Tinder used Network Effects to turn college hookups into $1.4B in sales: What NE are & how to use them
Micromobility Boom Mirrors Global Bike Boom in 2021
Web3 Network Effects: Five Mental Models
Insights: Marketplace Investors
The Marketplace 100: 2022 🚀
B2B Marketplace Funding Napkin 2022
The Most Ignored Marketplace Retention Metric
Web3 vs. Web2
News From our Portfolio
Soonicorn Club 2022: Top Tech Startups in Finland 🔜🦄
Liefergrün is nominated for the Sustainability Award 'Gründer des Jahres' 🏆
New $$$
NFTs, e-learning, social commerce, q-commerce and so much more…
Careers in Tech
Now hiring!
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