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Sayonara Web 2.0 gatekeepers 👋 The next generation of platforms will be creator and user-owned...

The Marketplace Snippet
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The Marketplace Snippet
Happy Monday!
Hope you all had a GREAT and SPOOKY weekend! 🧙‍♀️🦇
Welcome back to the 24th edition of The Marketplace Snippet curated by Paola and Mathias on behalf of the Speedinvest Marketplaces & Consumer team 🚀
The Marketplace Snippet is a monthly newsletter featuring the most interesting content on Marketplaces that caught our eyes 👀
Over the past month, in particular, we have seen a lot on content published around the Creator crypto economy: as Web 3.0, the metaverse, NFTs, and social tokens are getting hotter and hotter 🔥 investors’ enthusiasm keeps growing - and so does the number of creators who are leaning into their communities globally. What a time to be a creator!
If you’ve missed past newsletters or simply can’t get enough, catch up here.
Now, let’s jump in!
Our October edition includes:

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Insights: Marketplace Operators
The Creator Economy: An Interview with CEO Bremner Morris
Patreon raising $155m is another sign that the future is going to be awesome for creators!
Building A "Community-First" Company
Insights: Marketplace Investors
How Network Effects Rule the World, with James Currier
“The next generation of platforms will be creator and user-owned and really about removing the Web 2.0 gatekeepers…” 👋
Chris Dixon and Naval Ravikant on the wonders of the Web 3.0 revolution
News From our Portfolio
TIER raises $200m in Series D round at $2 billion valuation 🦄🦄
Admix raises $25m Series B to scale up in-game ads, and prep for metaverse gaming 🎮🌎
Maritime recruitment platform Seafair gets $5.7m led by General Catalyst 🚀
Putting the ill back in communication, Heritage Type Co. nets $1.9 million
Schüttflix wins the Logistics Summit Startup Awards 2021 + the Construction Startup Competition! 🥇🥇
Lawrence Leuschner from TIER Mobility is nominated for the EY Entrepreneur of the Year award 🏆 (German only)
New $$$
NFTs, social commerce, instant delivery, Q-commerce and so much more...
Careers in Tech
Now hiring!
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The Speedinvest Marketplaces & Consumer team backs startups who are shaping the future across B2B and B2C at the intersection of marketplaces, eCommerce 2.0, and consumer subscriptions. You really want our attention? Throw in some network effects - the driver behind the digital platforms that are redefining our everyday lives.
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