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The future of crypto and the promise of Web3 beyond money and finance 🚀

The Marketplace Snippet
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The Marketplace Snippet
Happy Monday and Welcome December! ❄⛷
Hope you all had a GREAT weekend and, for those of you at Slush (🥳🎉), hope you managed to get some rest! 
Welcome back to the 25th edition of The Marketplace Snippet curated by Paola and Mathias on behalf of the Speedinvest Marketplaces & Consumer team 🚀
The Marketplace Snippet is a monthly newsletter featuring the most interesting content on Marketplaces that caught our eyes 👀
The momentum in the crypto world continues with ever-increasing content being published on NFTs, social tokens and the new era of Web3 🦹‍♂️ While investors and companies alike are going down the 🐇🕳 into the future of crypto and the promise of Web3, what does it all mean for the dynamics in Marketplaces and how to think about Network effects in Web3?
If you’ve missed past newsletters or simply can’t get enough, catch up here.
Now, let’s jump in!
Our November edition includes:

Craving more on Marketplaces?
Our friend Sameer Singh, startup advisor and early-stage investor focused on Network effects and creator of the renowned network effects blog has got you covered ❗
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Insights: Marketplace Operators
Logistics: An Interview with Laura Behrens Wu, Founder & CEO at Shippo
Italic: leading the revolution in Consumer-to-Manufacturer (C2M) internet commerce 🎙
🐠 Fishbowl: journey to 1m users ❕
Canva's SEO strategy is Elite and here is why 👇
Insights: Marketplace Investors
The future of crypto and the promise of Web3 beyond money and finance 🚀
How about the Network Effects in Web3?
No startup is immune to hiccups: Four questions every Marketplace Startup should be able to answer 🖊
Play-to-Earn Gaming 👾 and How Work is Evolving in Web3
News From our Portfolio
TIER Mobility scoots off and acquires bike-sharing giant Nextbike amid industry consolidation 🛴🌬
Great news from our portfolio company Packhelp and their $45.6m Series B 👏
Ali Albazaz from Berlin-based e-book Inkitt speaks with Startup Insider about his latest €50m Series B round🎙 (German only) launches Kodit Pay, giving people access to homeownership without using all savings on downpayment! 🏡💳
Spend the night on the orchard with our portfolio company Raus 🏞
Schüttflix wins NRW Founder's Prize 🥇🥳
byrd is nominated for the E-commerce Germany Awards 2022 on Feb 8, 2022 🏆
New $$$
E-bikes, social commerce, instant delivery, Q-commerce and so much more...
Careers in Tech
Now hiring!
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The Speedinvest Marketplaces & Consumer team backs startups who are shaping the future across B2B and B2C at the intersection of marketplaces, eCommerce 2.0, and consumer subscriptions. You really want our attention? Throw in some network effects - the driver behind the digital platforms that are redefining our everyday lives.
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