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The Marketplace Snippet: Product Virality, Data Network Effects & B2B Marketplace Fundraising in 2021

The Marketplace Snippet
Issue #18 • View online
The Marketplace Snippet
We’re back with another jam-packed issue of The Marketplace Snippet 🤩
Along with our usual marketplace insights, we dive into:
For those of you who just can’t get enough, check out all of the videos from our recent Marketplace Conference here, and keep scrolling to sign up for upcoming events we’re attending and hosting 👇

Insights: Marketplace Operators
Coinbase's journey from the bitcoin whitepaper to IPO
How to increase product virality
Gems from 23 years of Jeff Bezos' Amazon shareholder letters
Insights: Marketplace Investors
The B2B Marketplace Fundraising Napkin 2021
How to build a successful wholesale marketplace
The data network effects framework
How to build a European social media giant
New $$$
Coinbase, Patreon, Glovo and more...
Upcoming Events
Back by popular demand: How to Ace Your Marketplace Fundraise!
Back by popular demand: How to Ace Your Marketplace Fundraise!
  • Join our Philip Specht, Mathias Ockenfels and Julian Blessin for a live Zoom session on 27th May. Register here.
  • The Runway Series Summit - 3 days of live talks & podcasts on the latest in startup land and innovation, with guest speakers including our own Mathias Ockenfels, on 1st-3rd June (use promo code RsSbb8 to enjoy a 33% discount)
  • The Network Effects Course - 3-week long workshop-style course from the creator of the, on 17th May - 4th June (for a 5% discount, select ‘referred from The Marketplace Snippet’ in the registration form)
Careers in Tech
Now hiring!
We hope you enjoyed this issue, brought to you by Alexandra on behalf of the Speedinvest Network Effects team ✌️
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The Speedinvest Network Effects team invests in SaaS-enabled platforms and marketplaces and other Network Effects-driven businesses where the value of a product increases with every new user. Enabled by new technologies in areas we cannot even imagine today, the team believes these are the businesses that will continue to revolutionize the world.
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