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What it's like to be acquired by Google & The breakthrough of NFTs?

The Marketplace Snippet
Issue #16 • View online
The Marketplace Snippet
You may notice we look a bit different here and on our website, however, some things stay the same. We’re back with another jam-packed issue of The Marketplace Snippet 🤩
Along with our usual marketplace insights, we dive into:
And for those of you who just can’t get enough, you can also check out all of the videos from our recent Marketplace Conference here.

Insights from Marketplace Operators
Can you retain the startup magic within a large corporation?
A step-by-step guide to NFTs for creators
How to grow a platform and community from scratch
Insights from Marketplace Investors
The marketplace valuation matrix
How to achieve product-market-pricing fit in Network Effects
How to transform your audience into an empire
News from our Portfolio
Byrd's journey to carbon neutrality
TIER's grand plans for 2021
New year, new jobs board
New $$$
Bumble, Branded, BetterUp and more...
We hope you enjoyed this issue, brought to you by Alexandra on behalf of the Speedinvest Network Effects team ✌️
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The Speedinvest Network Effects team invests in SaaS-enabled platforms and marketplaces and other Network Effects-driven businesses where the value of a product increases with every new user. Enabled by new technologies in areas we cannot even imagine today, the team believes these are the businesses that will continue to revolutionize the world.
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